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Companies that deliver technology, media, and telecommunications services are at the core of the digital economy - they build the infrastructure and devices that allow people, businesses, and nations to connect. Although companies in these innovative sectors generate more economic profit than any other sector, they are not protected from the disruptions that they themselves create.

By advising on service offerings, product development, intellectual property regulatory compliance, licensing, and data protection, we help technology, media, and telecommunication companies to create change that matters. Our team is perfectly skilled to shield our clients from harsh regulatory climates and where necessary, take their businesses to safer (regulatory) environments.

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We advise companies on all levels of the spectrum, the recipients of finance, the financiers, and the financial advisers. Our team helps Venture Capital and private equity firms make informed investment decisions at every stage of the deal life cycle by providing services ranging from pre-investment diligence, risk management advisory, regulatory compliance, post-investment diligence and documentation.

We also provide project financing & PPP advisory services to our diverse clients.

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Dispute Resolution and Risk Management

Our dispute resolution services cover litigation and alternative dispute resolution. We have extensive experience and competence representing clients at all levels of the Nigerian judicial hierarchy. We aim to provide our services in a way that meets our clients' specific objectives while minimizing the business disruptions normally associated with the resolution of disputes.

Our expertise also lies in managing risk of our clients in a way to prevent the need for litigation.

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Intellectual Property

As technology advances, it's important to develop a well-thought-out Intellectual Property (IP) rights strategy to profit from innovation, protect against illicit use, and create value for innovators. Therefore, our IP team partners with our clients to ensure that their IP rights are protected and properly utilised.

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Startup Advisory Services

Starting a new business can be both challenging and exciting. By working with a trusted and experienced business consulting firm like ours, cumbersome challenges can be mitigated.

Acorn & Mustard's team has enabled new businesses to start up smoothly, despite the peculiar challenges of the Nigerian business terrain.

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Corporate and Commercial Services

Our Corporate and Commercial Practice Group provides general corporate advisory services to national and multinational companies, operating in the Nigerian economy.

Our team assists clients in maintaining statutory reporting, regulatory compliance, and recordkeeping requirements.

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Employment, Immigration and Incentives

We provide innovative labour law advice to deal with our clients’ employer-employee relations, consultancy arrangements, pensions, outsourcing and health and safety compliance. We also advise on the immigration and tax status of foreign workers in Nigeria.

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Private Client, Wealth Management & Tax

We understand the needs of our clients and are well positioned, through our networks, resources & experience, to provide a one-stop shop for all their planning and structuring needs, no matter where their assets are located.

In order to tailor legal & business solutions that are suitable, innovative, and practical for our clients, we analyze their lifestyle objectives, financial profile, and risk appetite.

We offer our private clients the following personalised services:

  • Onshore & offshore trusts

  • Estate & Wealth Transfer/Succession Planning

  • Family Governance - Structures for family company or business

  • Private and commercial trusts, investment and holding company formation services

  • Wills and probate

  • Charitable and philanthropic trusts and entities

  • Legal and structuring advice

  • Brand protection & Reputation Management

  • Tax management

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Energy and Natural Resources

Our Energy and Natural Resources practice group provides legal and business support services to the upstream, midstream and downstream industry. We also provide legal services to the power and renewables industry as well as advising on various infrastructure development projects.

The group consists of lawyers with significant private practice and in-house industry experience in fields such as energy, power,  finance, tax, dispute resolution and regulatory compliance. Thus, our lawyers have an exceptional understanding of the industry and regulatory environment, enabling them to provide expert legal advice to our clients

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Our team provides Legal advisory to all players in the aviation industry, including airlines, leasing companies, passengers, airport operators, aviation logistics services providers, financiers, aviation insurers, repair facilities, and regulators.

Our team has an in-depth understanding of aircraft leasing, mortgage contracts, aircraft liens, and debt structuring. Our team has represented clients across the hierarchy of courts in aviation and commercial disputes.